Project developed by the Educational Program "Repórter Brasil"
Design and illustration by Paulica Santos - 2016/2017.
This results report is the result of the "Slavery, no way!" project in Pará/Brazil to prevent slave labor, carried out by Reporter Brasil and the State Department of Education of Pará (Seduc-PA). The material presents the main strategies and approaches used by educators and students to mobilize the population to combat this violation of human rights. The action reached more than 250,000 people and involved 295 schools in 47 municipalities in the state that are vulnerable to enticement and exploitation of workers to prevent the problem.
My role was to create a visual communication for the project results presentation materials. In a way that users recognise and connect with the products. Below you can know some steps of this creative process.
You can see more about the project (in Portuguese language) here.

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